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Mission Statement

Providing Veterans and First Responders with purpose and direction through service after service by helping their fellow man in times of dire need.

Who We Are

Warfighter Disaster Response Team is comprised of Afghanistan & Iraq combat Veterans & Fire/Rescue team members. Our mission is to utilize our training and experience to help reduce the suffering of anyone who has been affected by a natural disaster or any emergency situation.  This team offers a unique approach to disaster response. Utilizing our specific set of skills we are able to not only assist in Search, Rescue & Recovery, we are also trained and equipped to support Medical Stabilization & Transport, Route Clearance, Critical Infrastructure Inspection & Damage Assessments, Coordinating Air and Ground Assets, Logistics for supplies, personnel, restoring lines of communication and  Community Outreach Programs; anything to help the to the affected area. Being a fully self-sufficient team once on the ground we are able work quickly and efficiently to help the community get the aid they need. 

Why We Do This

   Warfighter DRT is committed to our mission of helping those in need. Our organization’s motto is “Service after Service”. After years of helping people in other countries we are finally able to help our fellow Americans. Not one member of our team hesitated when Harvey ransacked the greater Houston area; or when Irma set her sights on Florida.   We were successful in lightening the burden on other agencies by going into the inaccessible and rural areas which are usually the last to receive aid in Texas and Florida. Now WFDRT is staged and ready to move into Puerto Rico. Our goals are to help restore communications to the island, bring much needed supplies and aid to the people on the west side of Puerto Rico, and help the people of Puerto Rico begin the recovery process.  We have been given access to a private airport, unlimited supplies and support of the federal & local government. 

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